About Us.


We are committed to supporting artisans from developing countries, providing fair income and employment for people of limited opportunity; selling ethically and environmentally friendly handmade one-of-a-kind art; educating communities about environmental sustainability as well as educating people on the cultures associated with items we sell; and helping customers spend their money in a way that will empower families from impoverished regions of the world.

W e design our collection in collaboration with talented Artisans around the world.

Artisans use indigenous materials and traditional skills to create modern, fashionable designs.


Our Artisans

Edwin Molina

Pottery Artisan

Maria Velasquez

Baskets Artisan

Fernando Molina

Pottery Artisan

Alfredo Espinoza

Pottery Artisan

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Nature In Hand Creations Values

Fair Price

Gender Equality

Respect for the enviroment

Empowering people